Starkville Dialysis by FMC

‚Äč104 Garrard Road

Starkville, MS 39759


Phone: 662-616-9493

Fax: 662-615-9649

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Macon Dialysis by FMC

703 North Washington Street

Macon, MS 39341


Phone: 662-726-9866

Fax: 662-726-9010

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Louisville Dialysis by FMC

562-A East Main Street

Louisville, MS 39339


Phone: 662-773-6565

Fax: 662-773-7117

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Aberdeen Dialysis by FMC

308 HWY 8 West

Aberdeen, MS 39730


Phone: 662-369-6149

Fax: 662-369-2675

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Nephrology Associates Columbus Mississippi

N.A. Columbus Kidney Clinic

129 Brookmoore Drive

Columbus, MS 39705


Phone: 662-329-3838
Fax: 662-329-2515

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Columbus Dialysis by FMC 

3499 Bluecutt Road

Columbus, MS  30705


Phone: 662-243-7648

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Columbus Dialysis by FMC

92 Brookmore Drive

Columbus, MS 39705


Phone: 662-327-9200

Fax: 662-327-2319

Phone: 662-327-7334 (Home Training)

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Columbus Home Dialysis by FMC

139 Brookmore Drive

Columbus, MS 39705


Phone: 662-327-7334

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